Renewable Engineering

The Solar Power and Intelsolar companies are the result of an association of established industrialists and solar energy specialists recognized for more than 10 years. The controlled activity sectors are focused on energy savings achieved through solar photovoltaic and different means of energy optimization directly impacting the heart of your bill. Thanks to the support of today’s leading global manufacturers, we are now offering the latest technology equipment that has proven itself in laboratories and in the field. Solar Power and IntelSolar are now able to meet your most demanding needs. With the support of our internal forces, our management and installation experience in solar photovoltaic projects is more than 350 MW, equivalent to about 2,500,000 solar panels. This professional experience allows the teams of Solar Power and IntelSolar to ensure you a secure and guaranteed success on the profitability of your project over time, as well as right now.

Our Solar Solutions

  • Optimization of consumption by energy efficiency process
  • Water desalination coupled with solar photovoltaic
  • Self-consumption: photovoltaic solar power station
  • Floating photovoltaic power plants on water
  • Solar photovoltaic network rejection
  • Electrification of isolated sites with batteries
  • LED interior and exterior lighting
  • Photovoltaic agricultural hangars
  • Audit, Expertise and Engineering
  • Solar cold rooms
  • Solar greenhouses
  • Solar street lighting
  • Solar water pumping

Our achievements

Our clients

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